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Made with Love in Toronto, Canada

The Life of a PEI Islander

Opulence and overindulgence are not in our DNA.

Here are ways of life we believe in and strive to live by:

1. A life without debt
Our owners rent their homes and our office space.
By buying as little as possible, we also reduce our sales tax liabilities.
We prefer to buy used goods if possible or even barter for goods. We refuse to submit to the society norm for worldly possessions.

2. Life without cars
We ride bicycles, which saves us a lot of money in insurance, licensing, and auto expense. We live in a small town and love our awesome seafood.

3. Privacy
We fiercely defend our clients’ privacy. The world of big data is getting bigger and bigger. New Data-scraping websites appear every month. Scraping websites for contact names, phone numbers, and emails to put in database after database and sell and sell.

4. We Reuse and Share
We hardly ever take out the trash anymore, because we don’t have to.
We often barter to minimize our expenses. Bartering is an awesome way to live. We’re open to exchanges if you have something we may utilize.

5.  We are content
We live in a beautiful part of the world. Many people do not and get caught up in keeping up with their neighbors or peers. We do not believe in this principle. Happiness will never come from buying a bigger TV or pickup truck, spending $2000 for new rims and bigger tires might make you feel like a bigger more important person every now and then, but deep down, it is only a temporary fix to finding inner happiness. We do not need to charge our clients an arm and a leg because we do not need a lot of possessions.

6. Less is more to us
How many times have you moved junk you don’t need? By owning less, we believe we are free in comparison than people that own a lot.

7. Sustainability and recycling
We fiercely recycle. You should too.
You know what really irks us? Unsolicited mail.
Bottled water and grocery bags are evil.
Climate change is real.

Our clients tell us we have an awesome success story.
We do our clients right, year after year.

We actually charge CDN$20 for a virtual address.

We do it right the first time and keep your information secure. Keeping you private. This is what we do.

We want to help you get this done fast, so you can move on and do what you do.